Welcome to The Pick, where pickleball never looked so good.

We're more than just a luxury pickleball brand. We're a testament to the power of friendship, entrepreneurship, and the simple joys of life. Founded by three generations of visionary women, The Pick combines our mutual passion for pickleball with our appreciation for quality and beauty.

Our mission is clear: to spread joy through pickleball. We believe that sports have the incredible ability to unite people, create lasting memories and foster a sense of community. And what better sport than pickleball, a game that combines skill and camaraderie like no other?

Creating a pickleball clothing line was a natural extension of our love for the game. We wanted simple, elegant clothes that exude quiet luxury and feel like a hug. When nothing we found met that standard, we created a pickleball lifestyle brand that does. Quality is the heart of everything we do. From the carefully selected materials used to craft our items to the meticulous attention to detail in our design, we never compromise on excellence. We are committed to responsible business practices and sustainability is always top of mind.

We value building long term relationships and understand that exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of a great brand. How we engage with you is more important to us than what we sell. Thank you for being a part of our journey and spreading happiness through the game we love.

Let’s goooooo!
The Pick founders
Gina, Jordan and Kathy

Meet The Founders


Gina Cilento

Growing up I was a huge tomboy playing every sport I could. I eventually settled on tennis and decided to make a career out of it. I became a teaching pro out in Portland, Oregon and in Milwaukee, WI while succeeding playing competitively at the 5.0/Open level.

It was in 2017 when I was minding my own business at a dinner party when a gentleman asked me what I did for a living. I said that I was a tennis pro. “Great” he said to me, ”you’d make a great Pickleball player.” “Pickleball!” I said, “that’s just for old people”. He said “I’d love to teach it to you. I think you’d really enjoy it.”

The day I said yes to him changed my life. Once I learned Pickleball, God started opening up doors in my life that lead from one person to another. In a two year time span, I went from never playing pickleball to playing on the pro tour and winning golds. What a ride it has been, with more to come.


Jordan Pintar

Nine months after graduating from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, I found myself stumbling into entrepreneurship. I learned very early in my career that my tolerance for the stomach-churning office culture in the advertising industry was nil. That, and I hated having a boss. So I quit my full-time job as a Junior Art Director and dreamed up BlackPaint Studios with a former colleague, a mission-driven design studio that would go on to educate and advocate for many causes near to our hearts. We designed many beautiful brands, campaigns, murals, art installations, events and artworks, mentored young creatives who had big dreams like us, and amplified the voices of those often overlooked.

Eventually I needed to hit the reset button and recharge my battery so I left BlackPaint and moved to an organic farm and farmed for a year. While at the farm I began my freelancing business and was introduced to the world of pickleball along with Gina Cilento, shortly followed by Kathy Lynch. I began taking lessons from Gina who eventually approached me about starting a luxury pickleball brand together and my world changed.


Kathy Lynch

I was happily retired when I took my first pickleball lesson from Gina. One day, she mentioned she was starting a pickleball clothing line…something different and special. I quipped, “You’ll need a nano influencer strategy.” Before you could say 11-0-2, I was unretired and using skills honed during my 45+ years as a marketing pro.

I was one of the founders and former CEO of ComBlu, an organization specializing in influencer marketing and customer advocacy, content strategy and analytics. My forte is content, social engagement and social business strategy. I worked with many brands including Microsoft, Coca Cola, 3M, Capital One, OWN Network/Oprah, Verizon Wireless, McKinsey, Dell Computers, Intel, Cisco, Manpower, BMO Harris Bank, GE Capital, and The Michael and Juanita Jordan Foundation. I love the challenge of creating and finding creative solutions to sticky problems. It’s so much fun working with Gina and Jordan to build a brand from the ground up. Learning pickleball is an added bonus.